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SMB Hyper-Targeted Online Ads

Don't Buy Programmatic Ads from "Local" Media Houses. Ever.

If you've landed on this page, you've more than likely met with our team, as this is a hidden page where we help small businesses understand and launch "programmatic ads."


Translation: your ads seen online by potential highly-targeted customers when they are ready to buy.

We customarily work with the music community around the globe, but programmatic works for literally any small business. And we are tired of seeing small business owners on tight budgets getting taken advantage of by so-called "local" media houses, like newspapers, radio stations,  and TV stations, which are rarely local.

Multi-national conglomerate media houses sell these highly effective services at a premium to offset high overhead and the fact that there is diminished interest in their owned and operated media.

Worse, you are not only price gouged, but in many cases due to their bottom line, your ads never fully optimize before they ask you to spend more. Yikes.

We have relationships with the same trade desks and agencies that they do. We guarantee your ad spend will be gutted maybe more than half and your ads will have time to optimize fully.


And your campaign flights will be analyzed by data scientists, not a local ad rep, who generally doesn't understand programmatic, either.


It's OK, we do. We are here to educate and more importantly, increase your sales with cutting-edge adtech!

Please reach out with questions and to get started!

Let's Get Started!

Thanks so much. We'll be back to you soon.

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