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A global  jazz collective.

1. What exactly is iProdigy?

Think of iProdigy as a global collective of artists, fans, and advisors collaborating to make and elevate awesome music outside of the traditional label system. We democratize historic barriers of entry to artist discovery, development, and promotion. We authentially connect artists and fans to build a better world with jazz.

2. How is iProdigy the rebirth of the cool?

The future of all music is artist and fan forward. It's about creating authentic community and engagement directly with fans.  The shift must offer artists agency over their own futures. We place artists in control and in the driver's seat.

We fully honor and preserve iconic legacy while pioneering the future of jazz by empowering new artists creating the cutting edge of tomorrow's music through innovation and modern strategy. iProdigy is positioned to usher in a long-awaited new era in jazz, or a rebirth of the cool.

3. How does iProdigy work with musicians and fans?

We collaborate with jazz musicians and fans identified by these four categories: Prodigies, Artists, Icons, and Fans.



You are the lifeblood of jazz artists around the globe. Your support and passion for music and the creators behind the art is critical to the success of artists. iProdigy gives fans a VIP backstage pass to connect with artists you love and provide support and feedback to prodigies in our incubator. It's free to join, connect, discuss, explore and get to know artists at all career stages. And you can opt-in to view and interact with major artist hosted livestreams and interviews. Sign up here: iProdigy Collective



iProdigy's Artist Incubator is built to level up the careers of prodigies of any age through mentoring and self-development. The platform provides music industry education and artist development open to everyone to explore, collaborate, get feedback, and opt-in to livestreamed world-class masterclasses. The Incubator helps us to discover emerging talent for artist partnerships and TV appearances in our series in development.



We expand one to one development and promotional opportunity for emerging talent as noted in FAQ #4 below. iProdigy Artist Partnerships are offered by invitation only. Our A&R team scouts artists and bands everyday. Our mission is to discover exceptional talent to develop and promote, while offering unprecedented opportunity. 



Legacy artists may find a new home with iProdigy with better terms and opportunities than currently offered elsewhere, and deepen authentic engagement with fans old and new.

4. What are the highlights of an artist partnership?

We collaborate with jazz artists at all career stages. The below highlights represent the full scope of iProdigy's capabilities. All opportunities and services are customized to match artist individual goals, team requirements, and capability gaps.


For example, we may partner with an early-stage artist in development but global distribution or streaming-based advances may not be suitable until a later time. And in the end our artists have the final say in all services or promotional offers.

  • Grammy-Winning Artist Development Consults

  • Global Reality TV Series Development

  • Global Distribution to Spotify & 100+ Stores with cutting edge features/functionality

  • Streaming Royalty Based Advances

  • Promoted & Ticketed Global Livestreams

  • Sync Opportunities & Publishing

  • Direct to Fan Perks, VIP Experiences, Exclusive Access & Content

  • Artist Hosted Fan Listening and Release Parties

  • Digital Download & Merch Storefront

  • User Generated Playlist Promotion

  • Radio Promotion

  • Major Artist Collabs

  • Major Brand Sponsorship

  • Festival Activation Opportunities

  • Artist Rep

  • Artist Marketing Co-Op

  • Marketing/Global Strategy

  • Company Profit Sharing

  • Analytics

  • Upstream Opportunities

​5. What are the artist partnership splits?

Top artists/bands selected for artist partnerships are offered an 80/20 split (Artist/iProdigy) for most opportunities/services each artist accepts. In all cases artists earn the lion's share. Artists retain ownership of masters and have the final say in everything. Each opportunity is as unique as each artist. Everything is customized case -by-case.


iProdigy's initial artist funding provides streaming based advances for marketing, promotion, and related career-centric expenses. Funding is based on historical and future speculative streaming data. After initial success, artist partner funding will evolve to be more robust and customized. 

And ultimately, iProdigy offers unprecedented corporate profit-sharing with top artist partners. So, yes, iProdigy is the exact opposite of a traditional label deal.

A deep dive detailed term sheet will be made available for review with every artist partner invitation.

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