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There is no (music) business
as usual around here.

1. What exactly is iProdigy?

Think of iProdigy as a global collective of artists, fans, and advisors collaborating to make and elevate awesome music outside of the traditional label system.

2. Why is iProdigy pioneering a new era in music?

The future of music is artist forward. It's about creating authentic community and engagement directly with fans.  Music is ripe for disruption and the shift must offer artists agency over their own futures. We place artists in control and in the driver's seat.


2023 broke all music industry sales records, yet the results were industry-wide layoffs from the majors to Spotify to SoundCloud. Both major and indie artists continue to struggle with streaming platform splits and policies. Worst of all, critical artist development is officially dead. It's self-evident that the system is broken. iProdigy is positioned to usher in a long-awaited new era in music.

3. How does iProdigy discover artists?

​First, iProdigy artist partnerships are offered by invitation only. Our A&R team scouts artists and bands everyday. It's why we wake up in the morning. Our mission is to discover exceptional talent to develop and promote, while offering artists unprecedented opportunity. But we can't be everywhere all at once, so if you have not been discovered or invited by iProdigy, you may kickstart the invitation process here.

4. What are the highlights of an artist partnership?

  • iProdigy artists connect with our senior A&R leadership absolutely free and a white glove partnership is born. Our team challenges artist partners with ongoing deep dive counsel and video chats.

  • All opportunities and services are customized to match artist individual goals, team requirements, and capability gaps.

  • Grammy-Winning Artist Development Consults

  • Global Distribution to Spotify & 100+ Stores (80/20 split)

  • Streaming Royalty Based Advances/Funding

  • Influencer Promotion to Millions of Fans

  • Promoted & Ticketed Global Livestream Performances

  • Sync Opportunities & Publishing

  • Monetizeable Direct 2 Fan Clubs: Superfan Perks, VIP Experiences, Exclusive Access & Content

  • Digital Collectibles

  • Artist Hosted Fan Listening and Release Parties

  • Digital Download & Merch Storefronts

  • D2F & F2F Community Discussion Board & DM

  • Community Polling & Demo Test Before DSP Release

  • User Generated Playlist Promotion

  • Major Artist Collabs

  • Major Brand Sponsorship

  • Live Agent/Festival Opps

  • Artist Rep

  • Artist Marketing Co-Op  (Pooled and Matched Targeted Campaigns)

  • Marketing/Global Strategy

  • Company Profit Sharing

  • Analytics

​5. What are the artist partnership splits?

Top artists/bands selected for artist partnerships are offered an 80/20 split (Artist/iProdigy) for most opportunities/services each artist accepts. In all cases artists earn the lion's share. Artists retain ownership of masters and have the final say in everything. Each opportunity is as unique as each artist. Everything is customized case -by-case.


iProdigy's initial artist funding provides streaming based advances for marketing, promotion, and related career-centric expenses. Funding is based on historical and future speculative streaming data. After initial success, artist partner funding will evolve to be more robust and customized. 

And ultimately, iProdigy offers unprecedented corporate profit-sharing with top artist partners. So, yes, iProdigy is the exact opposite of a traditional label deal.

6. Who needs artist development and why is it so crucial? 

Literally every artist and band on the planet either needs or benefited from artist development, from tweens experimenting in the garage to Taylor Swift to the Rolling Stones.

Today’s diverse icons, largely discovered in small bars and clubs, benefited from artist development, given time and opportunity to fully bake by multi-album label deals. The model no longer exists. As a result, many new major artists today only experience a "transient moment," devoid of a catalog which can stand the test of time. And many more are ill-prepared for the spotlight, prematurely crashing otherwise potentially long-term careers. 

DIY Indies now represent nearly 50% of all streaming revenues yet are chronically squeezed by streaming platform policies, suffer from obscurity and either lack marketing skills or budget, and require a new break out strategy. Early-stage development is critical for success.

Music artist development nurtures and refines your skills, image, and your overall career to help you stand out in the crowd and above the noise. It involves various aspects aimed at helping you grow and succeed in an overcrowded competitive space. It includes: songwriting, fan engagement, branding, production, marketing, strategy, promotion, media training, and the business of music.​​

We are built to discover, develop and create global opportunities for artists and bands with our Grammy-winning A&R leadership, partners, and technologies. We provide artist development and label services to our artist partners, who may remain as free and independent as they want to be. We are 100% vested in your success because we only make money when you make money, and artists always earn the lion's share.

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